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Quality acoustic strip panels for your home or office

Acoustic strip panels not only beautify a room, they also improve sound insulation and acoustics.
They are a great choice for homes, meeting rooms and offices where a more comfortable environment with better sound quality is desired.

Acoustic strip panels

Wall panels are an increasingly popular decorative element that can change the look and atmosphere of a room. The panels are available in a variety of styles and materials and are perfect for both home and business environments.

Wooden slats

Partitions of wooden slats add privacy but do not make the room visually smaller or darker. You can choose from a range of sizes and colours to tailor the partitions to the style and needs of your home or office.
HDF ribipaneelid

HDF ribbed panels

Our range also includes HDF-backed strip panels with a thin melamine coating. A good choice for those for whom acoustic properties are not important.


Acoustic strip panels with dimensions 22x595x595mm specially designed for ceiling mounting.

Laminated wall panels

Laminated wall panels with natural veneer for acoustic properties.