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The wooden strips are made of MDF board covered with thin oak plywood.
The felt backing of the stripes is made from 100% recycled marine plastic.
The whistle on the background of the wooden strips is available in a wide range of different colours, which will be added to our range in the near future.
Examples are available by prior arrangement.

Dimensions: 22mm x 605 x 2440mm
Felt layer thickness: 9mm
Rib thickness: 13mm
Rib width: 25mm
Spacing between ribs : 18mm

The panels are manufactured in such a way that the felt layer goes underneath the rib of the previous panel into the overlap, as a result the joints between the panels are not visible.


  1. For use in homes, offices and public buildings
  2. Class A sound attenuation property
  3. FSC© Certified real oak plywood strips
  4. The ribs are attached to the back of the felt.

In addition to their beautiful design, the strips also help to remove the echo effect from the room and muffle sound. The strip panels adorn the wall, add a beautiful design to the room, and won’t go unnoticed.


The panels can be fixed to the wall with glue, but we also recommend fixing with a screw type fastener.
When installing panels in the ceiling, be sure to use screw-type fasteners. Preferably 12 per panel.
To achieve the best and cleanest result, you should use a fixing agent of the same shade as the base.
The design panels can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally as desired.
When installing, please make sure that you install the panels in the correct orientation, i.e. overlapping each other.


Use a damp cloth to clean wooden strips. Dust and debris on the felt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, cloth or compressed air.